The Western Heritage garage blends in with its Cultural District context using a material palette inspired by the nearby Will Rogers Memorial Complex. Its materials allow the nearby museums and Community Arts Center to become the primary focus. Glass enclosed atrium spaces highlight the circulation cores on the southeast and northeast corners of the building and clearly directs visitors to the garage’s pedestrian entries.

At night, these atria are internally lit, acting as urban scaled lanterns to allow easy identification of the garage’s entries. Buff colored brick and cast stone alternate with beige precast concrete wall panels atop a rusticated block base to help break down the scale of the garage both vertically and horizontally. Window openings have also been scaled down to further humanize the scale of the garage. Opaque safety railings also serve to help visually screen parked cars from exterior view. In addition, the garage is stepped back from Montgomery Street and a large stand of existing trees along Montgomery preserved to further buffer the mass of the garage from the adjoining neighborhoods. Space on the garage’s facades feature public art tile mosaics, recalling those in the historic Will Rogers Complex.