The Trinity Uptown Development Standards and Guidelines are the result of an inclusive, open process led by a representative Citizens Advisory Committee. In order to create the appropriate set of development standards, the mayor appointed the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Trinity Uptown Development Design Standards and Guidelines and charged the committee with advising the city in the formulation of appropriate land use and urban design regulations.

Through a series of public meetings, the committee created new development regulations that respond to the unique environment of Trinity Uptown. Unlike conventional zoning classifications, the Trinity Uptown (TU) zoning district focuses on the form of future development and does not emphasize the segregation of land uses. The standards and guidelines should help create a livable and sustainable district that possesses a strong sense of place. Although the standards and guidelines provide specific guidance to developers, the development review process overseen by the Downtown Design Review Board allows flexibility and should foster creative design approaches to both private and public development. However, nonconforming exceptional projects are also encouraged.