Winfield Place, once known as Winfield Garage, was a building with great history, but much underutilized potential. As one of the original parking garages in Fort Worth, a past home of the Black and White Cab Company, Winfield Place would become the future of a growing Oil and Gas Company who wanted to pay homage to the history of the building while creating an innovative, collaborative environment for the next chapter in their business.

During the design process, the building was named a locally listed historic landmark in which the design team and owner worked to restore it to its former glory. The showpiece of the building was the original car lift that once transported cars to each level of the garage. The original lift was still present and operational within the building, but was decades past compliant. The design team worked in creative ways to transform this into an operational elevator conference room that could be utilized on each floor. In order to make the elevator a usable space, a unique HVAC solution was devised to allow the space to meet fire code but provide HVAC ventilation when the elevator is parked at each floor.