The Morris Foundation Women and Children’s Center

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3100 W 7th St ste 245, Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA

The design for the Presbyterian Night Shelter’s new home for women and their children was intended to act as a catalyst for pedestrian friendly development in Fort Worth’s east side.

Additionally, the structure and its contents were required to be durable and low maintenance for the client but also warm and comforting for the residents.  Utilizing a large brick face size, floor to ceiling windows, and painted steel canopies, the Morris Center pays tribute to the neighboring historic warehouse buildings while also energizing the streetscape and providing a maintenance friendly enclosure.

  • Morris PNS
  • Morris Exterior Ramp Sideview
  • Morris 2nd Floor Living Room
  • Morris Dorm Room

At the building entrance, the large plaza area and surrounding shade trees create a welcoming environment for passers-by and potential residents.  The L-shaped building provides a strong street presence as well as a protected courtyard to allow for a secure playground for the building’s smallest occupants.  Once inside, a warm linen tile wainscot, colorful tile accents, and polished concrete floors throughout the building provide easily cleanable surfaces that will stand up to the near constant activity and energy that children always bring.  A large dining room, two living areas, and a retail shell space give the center flexible spaces that can be used for studying, training, and socializing.  Dormitory style rooms provide residents a comfortable private space in which they can recover and reenergize to start their journey home.

  • Morris Computer Space
  • Morris Multipurpose Space
  • Morris Lobby Lights
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