The Karl Travis Men’s Shelter

PNS Karl Travis Men's Shelter





2400 Cypress St, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

The Karl Travis Men’s Shelter is approximately 38,000 sf, located at 2400 Cypress St.

It will feature a new guest entry along the north façade. A covered queuing area and an enclosed vestibule will keep guests out of the elements as they wait to enter the shelter. The new entry will also be marked by a stimulating new paint pattern to characterize the unique journey that each of the guests finds themselves on, and resilient exterior materials symbolize the resilience and dignity of each person who steps into and out of the shelter.

karl travis shelter 1

This theme will continue into the shelter in the form of fresh, exciting colors and finishes, as well as permanent artwork to remind the guests of their significance and contribution to Fort Worth. New LED lighting and a new HVAC system work together to provide an appealing environment for guests and staff. All staff and guest restrooms will receive new floor and wall finishes and plumbing fixtures. New acoustic panels and high volume, low-speed fans will be suspended from the existing vaulted structure in the dormitories to generate cooler, quieter resting areas.

karl travis shelter 2

Old ceilings and damaged flooring have been removed to reveal polished concrete floors and painted exposed steel structure, which evoke a sense of permanence. A new TPO membrane has been provided on the low-slope portion of the roof and all sloped metal roofing will receive a high-performance coating to seal all existing penetrations. This should ensure a safe, dry shelter space.

karl travis shelter 3
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