In the midst of a bustling hub of shopping and dining in Fort Worth, Texas, you will find a piece of natural serenity. Tucked away on a small triangular piece of underutilized property, the Rogers Road Pavilion provides an idyllic setting to enjoy the serenity along the banks of the Trinity River. Located along the Trinity Trails system, and offering access to a variety of amenities, the Rogers Road site is an ideal location for the Waggoner Trailhead.

Focused on enhancing access to the river, improving recreational opportunities and improving public awareness of water quality issues, the project is meant to serve as an example of how sustainable development can occur in a natural environment while taking advantage of the river’s amenities. Cyclists and pedestrians on the trail can take a drink from water fountains, cool off at misting stations, get trail information, or use toilet facilities before fishing. Or they can simply take a moment to commune with nature on the newly created stone pier before heading back out onto the trail or returning to busy urban life. The new trailhead makes it possible to enjoy nature all day or when you only have a short break.

Shade is provided through preserving existing trees and with outward-opening overhead doors, which become canopies when open. Materials such as corrugated metal, exposed wood and wall ventilation fans reflect the industrial vernacular historically found along the river and in the nearby rail yards. Drought resistant plants were used as a solution for the hot and dry North Texas climate.