The Gatehouse at Grapevine is a living community where women and their children who are moving on from abuse, poverty or prison can participate in an independent life program to build new lives.

The planned community is sited on a 49-acre wooded area in Grapevine. Selected as the architect for this organization’s new home, Bennett Partners provided design services for this multi-family neighborhood (96 units) and its support facilities – a community center, two counseling centers and a general store.

This project exemplifies the firm’s commitment to meaningful design, as a Gatehouse resident explains

“My son is 4 years old and has never slept in his own bed. He always slept with me. From the very first night of our arrival at Gatehouse, he has slept in his bed and is comfortable with other kids coming over to play at our apartment. He is sharing his toys and enjoys them visiting. These are things that were a great challenge for him. I’m seeing him grow and learn a lot. I believe it is because he is in a safer, calmer place. (This is also the first Christmas that he opened his own presents).”