Melt Ice Creams has been serving up ice cream and smiles in Fort Worth’s Near Southside since 2014. For owners Kari and Mark, 2019 was a year of growth as they opened a second location in Dallas and turned to Bennett Partners to design their third location in the heart of downtown Fort Worth.

The new store is nestled within the traditional storefronts of the Sundance Square district. Care was taken to blend Melt’s vibrant branding with the historic streetscape. The store’s bright visage is a jolt of energy along Houston Street with its yellow door inviting customers in for a scoop or two (or three). Inside, patrons are greeted with the exuberant mix of bold color and pattern that are integral to Melt Ice Creams’ brand identity.

Working within a constrained space, we maximized the customer experience. The long serving counter allows for a natural service flow, filled with tasty ice cream samples. The stair enclosure for the adjacent space was transformed into a colorful bar top and additional bench seating was constructed, resolving into a cozy alcove made for that perfect Instagram story.