Myeasha Neal Myeasha Neal

Myeasha-Rochelle Neal is undergrad student at UTA with a major in philosophy and a double minor in political science and criminal justice.

Once Myeasha-Rochelle graduates she desires to further her career in the legal field, as she plans on enrolling into law school. Because of her dream of wanting to obtain a job within the legal setting she participated in the Mock Trial Program at UTA last semester and was even named the best attorney overall at the end of the competition. When Myeasha-Rochelle isn’t busy with school work or studying, in her free time she likes to read and write (short) stories, go hiking, or meditate or do some yoga for a bit of mindfulness. Myeasha-Rochelle is a Harry Potter stan (Slytherin 🐍) and she is a fan of any type of mythology.


  • Reading 
  • Writing short stories
  • Hiking 
  • Meditating
  • Yoga 
  • Hanging out with my family, friends, & my 2 kitties

Fun Facts

  • I am super into mythology
  • I am a huge Harry Potter fan! (I’m a Slytherin, if we’re being technical here.) 
  • I am involved in the Mock Trial program at UTA and won best attorney overall last semester

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